VIP Program

VIP Program

VIP Program
VIP Program

VIP Program and Loyalty Programs and nope. They are not the same thing. VIP Players do have some advantages that players who are in a Loyalty Program do not have, as loyal players are given bonuses and points.

When we are talking about an actual VIP Program, we are talking about hardcore players who can deposit thousands or more. So, they are treated differently.

But this is totally ok, as we do believe that our true VIP´s should be treated with the utmost respect and superior treatment. VIP´s are it is stated Very Important Players.

They bring a lot of money to Online Casinos and they are loyal to their brands, unless they are not treated as they should and then they will or might change Casinos, if you are a High Roller you know what we are talking about and you should then click this link HERE.

Twin Casino has one of the best and most respected VIP Programs on the Canadian Market, play today!

But when it comes to VIP´s all casinos are looking for them and we have devoted all our time and energy to making sure that all online casinos with real money gambling that have VIP programs are listed.

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These casinos put all their effort and time to make sure that their players are treated in the best way possible.
They offer trips to happenings, vacations and much more.

VIP Program

What do VIP Players get?

VIP Players get better bonuses, or bonuses with no wagering, bigger withdrawal and Deposit limits and much more. But we always say that a bonus is not an obligation, it’s a Privilege.

Being a VIP is not all about how much you deposit, but more about the fact that you are a loyal player. Now how are the bonuses calculated usually? To answer these questions, we have compiled a few examples here for you.

Deposits Bonuses Withdrawals Cashback % Cashback sum
$5.000 $500 $0.0 10% $450
$10.000 $1.000 $2.000 15% $1.050
$20.000 $2.000 $5.000 20% $4.000
$50.000 $20.000 $10.000 n/a $10.000
VIP Program

The Cashback is normally calculated as Deposits – Bonus – Withdraw * 10-20% = Cashback. The percentage of the Cashback and the wagering requirement vary by casino, but the usual wagering is either nothing oo then it can be up to 10 times the bonus given.

Some Casinos can limit the Cashback to a certain sum, for example, that the bonus given will not exceed anything from $5.000 and it can go up to $25.000.

VIP Program

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