FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions


We have listed here the most asked questions about Gambling in Canada and Online. If there is something that you really want to know and for some reason, we do have not it here, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer you directly!

Q: Is gambling online legal in Canada?
A:  Yes!

Q: Are there bad Online Casinos?
A: Yes, stick to our brands, as they are legal and the best on the market.

Q: Can I make money with online Casinos?
A: We do not think so, it should be fun and tbh, the answer is no.

Q: What are the best games?
A: This is a question we cannot answer, it is up to you 😊

Q: What are the best bonuses?
A: That has a low wagering requirement.

Q: Do you play online?
A: Yes, we are all Casino players – Online and Land-based.

Q: What makes you experts?
A: We have over 16 years in the industry, working and playing.

Q: Is martingale legal?
A: It is not illegal but frauded on and some casinos do forbid it.

Q: What is your biggest win?
A: As said, this is a hobby for us, so we do not really play with big bets, but I think Frank, has a win close to $25,000 on a single spin.

Q: What is your favourite Slot?
A: EEAASY!! – Book Of Dead!

Q: How to deposit on an online Casino?
A: Register – Login – go to the cashier or your profile, choose the deposit, pick the method that suits you the best, choose the sum and go for it!

Q: Is it safe to play online?
A: Not on all casinos, but on all listed on our site, Yes!

Q: What is KYC?
A: It is a process to verify the player à Know Your Customer.

Q: Do I have to verify my account?
A: Yes, if you want to ever keep it open or make a withdrawal.

Q: How old must I be to play?
A: You have to be 18 years old.

Q: What games can I play?
A: You can play all the games you can see, as the game studios make sure that the correct games are available in the correct countries.

 Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: No, you cannot!

Q: Can I use the same account with my friend of a family member?
A: No, you cannot, All accounts are personal.

Q: Can I play on mobile at your casinos?
A: Yes, yes you can, all our casinos are available on mobile, tablet and PC.

Q: How can I become a VIP?
A: By being loyal to the casino you pic and when the time comes, you will know. They will let you know for sure!

Q: Can I set limits on my account?
A: Yes you can, this you can do from the responsible gaming settings on your account.

Q: I had an incident during a game?
A: No worries, first take a Screenshot of the issue, then contact support via chat or email and they will deal with it for you.

Q: What is a good password?
A: Something easy to remember and safe (also, something no one else knows!)

Q: How to win an Online Casino?
A: There is no right or wrong answer to this, Online Casinos have an average RTP of 95.00% so it is all about luck, really.

Q: What is your favourite Casino?
A: We cannot say that, but if you register on this CASINO. You will have fun!

Q: What is the best affiliate platform?
A: We recommend that you check out this affiliate platform, here.

How to clear cache?

How do I clear Cache & Cookies?

It is very simple to clear cache & cookies on your browser. Here are some examples:

Google Chrome:

1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar:
2. Select Tools
3. Select Clear browsing data;
4. Use checkboxes to select “Cookies and other site and plug-in data” and “Cached images and files”;
5. Click “Clear browsing data”.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Choose Tools;
2. Select options;
3. Select the Privacy tab ;
4. Choose Remove individual cookies.

Internet Explorer:

1. Choose Tools;
2. Select Internet Options;
3. Select the General tab;
4. Press delete to delete all cookies.


1. Open Safari;
2. Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Privacy;
3. Click Details;
4. Select one or more websites that store cookies, and then click Remove or Remove All;
5. When you finish removing websites, click Done.

On your iPhone:

1. From the Home screen, choose Settings > Safari;
2. Tap Clear Cookies.

iPhone iOS 8 or iOS 9:

1. Launch the Settings app;
2. Scroll down and tap on Safari;
3. Tap on Clear History and Website Data;
4. Confirm it by tapping on Clear History and Website Data from the bottom.

On your Android:

1. Launch your browser;
2. Press the Menu key, then press More;
3. Press Settings;
4. Scroll down to the Privacy Settings section;
5. Press Clear All Cookie Data;
6. Accept


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