Roulette bets and popular strategies

Roulette is considered the oldest casino game that comes from France but has become popular worldwide. It is a classic casino game that attracts both newcomers and long-established investors who are enthusiastic about this entertainment. Probably, the reason for its popularity is the fact that players are offered many Roulette bets at different risk levels and with various payout options, making Roulette a game that suits every type of bet.

Roulette bets and their types

They are divided into two main categories: inside and outside ones. Picking the first variant, the player bets that the ball will land on a specific number or one of the adjacent numbers on the table. With the second variant, the gambler bets on a larger range of numbers, the colors, or on odd or even numbers. Roulette bets payouts are directly related to the odds of winning. Inside bets offer bigger payouts but the chances of winning are low. Because of the relatively unlikely chance of winning, the payouts in the event of a win are high. Outside bets pay less money but have a better chance of winning.

What are the best Roulette bets

The only way to find the best Roulette bets is to define what a player expects from the game. If he wants to maximize profits and when he is not afraid to take risks, inside bets with their big payouts are recommended. However, if the gambler is are in staying in the game as long as possible and increasing his chances of winning through it or through a slowly increasing amount of money, the guy should bet on outside bets. These will pay him less if he wins, but the risks the person accepts are much lower.

The casino’s total Roulette bets payouts percentage for American roulette with double Zero is 94.7%, which is why playing European roulette with its single zero and a payout percentage of 97.3% is recommended.

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Betting Roulette systems

Roulette differs a bit from other games of chance as the right chosen Roulette bets (numbers), the certain Roulette strategy can increase the player’s odds to beat a casino. Gamers try various betting progressive and regressive systems because they believe these things work. The three best-known strategies include:

  • Martingale, which instructs the bettor to raise bets after each loss to be able to offset the losses;
  • The Labouchere system that uses predefined numbers that a player has to bet on in a certain sequence and gradation;
  • The D’Alembert system, which is based on a certain type of Roulette bets.

Besides, James Bond’s strategy is applied very often. Although it is good for Blackjack mostly, the wheel games’ players also pick it. Ultimately, there is no study on any of the well-known betting systems that prove that one is guaranteed to improve the player’s win/loss ratio. The house edge of the casino does not change, no matter what betting strategy is used. In European Roulette the expected loss is always 19/37, in American Roulette, it is always 10/19.

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