How to count cards in Blackjack to win

In the1960s, the professor of mathematics Edward O. Thorp had found that Blackjack works differently than most games of chance. Here, every event has an effect on future results. The probability in each BJ round is very different. This is mainly because the cards used in the previous round are not shuffled back into the game.

They are put aside and not used in this round. So if 10 cards were played, they will no longer be used in the next round. This changes the probability of winning at online casinos and increases the interest to the question on how to count cards in Blackjack.

Many gamblers before Thorpe came to this conclusion, but they were unable to develop a corresponding system that could convert this mathematical fact into real chances of winning/.

How to count cards in Blackjack: basics and legality

Card counting is a very special strategy mainly used by skillful players, who are not limited to reading the books on how to count cards in Blackjack. The player tries to get a mental overview of the cards. So he can get some advantages over the casino. The probability of certain cards is calculated. If a person is interested if how to count cards in Blackjack basic strategy is legal, he can stay calm: it is. However, it might be prohibited in land casinos.

High – Lo method

The high-lo method here is of the easiest ways to count. Each card has a certain value. A card with a high value includes, for example, Aces or 10s. Not only do they increase the chance of a BJ combination, but they are also good for a hand worth at least 20. A deck that contains many cards puts every player in a profitable situation. It increases the chance that the dealer loses the game.

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How does this system work?

Whenever the first card of a new deck is dealt, the player begins counting the value of that card. If the card is low, the value increases by one point. A higher card, on the other hand, reduces the value by one point. The cards from 7 to 9 are neutral and are therefore not counted. If a player uses this system, he should go through a game with all cards in peace. If counting is correct, 0 must come out at the end. It will not be easy at the beginning and is a matter of concentration. The more it is practiced, the more accurate and faster it works.

After a while, one can try to understand how to count cards in Blackjack with 6 decks. The algorithm of mastering this strategy includes these moments:

  • If a person is curious about how to count cards in Blackjack, he has to train free first, without coming into a contract with a real dealer;
  • He has to play often. In this case, his thoughts and actions will go together, as a system;
  • Different other systems here must be tried and compared.

Experts believe that the advantages of the simple High-Low system outweigh, like those of more precise but complex systems. Many players who master it have no problem counting on one side and continuing to play BJ on the other side. The current value must always be kept in mind without being made aware of it.

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