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Mega Ball

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming is a Live Casino Bingo game!

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As we have come to expect from this Latvian Live Casino giant, they won’t just develop a Bingo game that is “normal”. They understand how to combine the best of both worlds, the bingo card, the swirling numbered balls, with a live Host, with the enhanced gaming experience (higher pace and overview) an online game can bring. Evolution Gaming is a real gaming experience wizard.

Yet another nice finish, you always get one or two MegaBalls per game round. These Balls will help you get more winning combinations and help you to pump up the multipliers, which can amount to x100!

The maximum win per card is a whooping 100,000x your total bet, whether you play for $10 cents per card or $5 per card.

The maximum payout at Mega Ball is a very lucrative $500,000. Not too shabby, as a reward for just one Bingo card!

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Mega Ball Evolution Gaming
Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball Gameplay and Features

To participate in the game, you will first need to buy the Bingo cards that are (5 x 5 matrix).

You play with one card, but you can also buy more cards: 10, 15, or 25, up to a maximum of 200 cards per round. There are 24 unique numbers on each card; the middle one is always free.

The minimum wager per card is only 10 cents per card, and the maximum price is $50 per card. Then the balls are drawn: there are 51 numbered balls, and initially, 20 balls are drawn from the machine.

By completing horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, you win. The more lines you complete, the more you earn. You can form up to 12 winning lines per card, although this is very rare.

Because it is of course quite difficult to keep track of multiple cards, and on top of that, the game has a high pace, Evolution Gaming has come up with something useful. The moment you almost form a “new” winning line, the game shows which specific numbered ball(s) you need and what corresponding prize money awaits you when the right numbers drop. This way, you can see at a glance how well you’re doing so far and what your chances are for the rest of the round.

Drawing of extra Mega Balls

After the 20 regular balls/numbers are drawn, 1 or 2 Mega Balls are drawn. Before the Mega Ball is drawn, a multiplier is first determined with a large wheel. This multiplier can soar up to as much as 100x.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming
Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

The payout of each win line you form with the Mega Ball(s) is multiplied by this multiplier.

If there are two Mega Balls in the game, then only the highest multiplier applies.

Mega Ball Payouts

The following payouts apply with Mega Ball:

  • 1 full line:  1x up to 100 x the bet
  • 2 full lines: 5 x up to 500 x the bet
  • 3 full lines: 50 x up to 5,000 x the bet
  • 4 full lines: 250 x up to 25,000 x the bet
  • 5 full lines: 1,000 x up to 10,000 x the bet
  • 6 or more full lines: 10,000 x up to 100,000 x the bet

The payouts are per card and include the initial bet.

For example, you wagered $5 on a bingo card, and you complete four full lines using a Mega Ball. The multiplier of the Mega Ball is 10 x.

You win: $5 x 250 (the payout of 4 lines) x 10 (the multiplier) = $12,500.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming
Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball strategy

Is there a strategy you can apply to Mega Ball? Or is it just a matter of having a lot of luck and hoping that the right balls drop in the chute? No there is no strategy, it´s all about luck.

Yes and no. Of course, you have to be lucky if you want to bag big profits. This applies both to the balls that have to drop and to the multiplier that is spun. But you can certainly apply some tricks.

Buy only one card instead of multiple cards

First of all: the Return to Player is the highest if you only buy one card: 95.40%. If you buy more tickets, the Return to Player drops to 95.05%. That’s quite a big difference. And we all know: if the Return to Player drops, the house edge increases.

Every online casino game has a built-in house edge, but of course, we don’t have to give away money like Santa Claus.

So it’s better to play one card with a higher wager (e.g. $2) than 10 cards with a low wager (10 x $0.20).

Never bet more than $5 per card

Secondly, there is a maximum payout of $500,000 per round.

Since you can win a maximum of 100,000 x the bet per card, it’s smart never to bet more than $5 per card anyway.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming
Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Suppose you bought a $50 bingo card, and you win the grand prize of 100,000x the bet, then the joke will be on you. This will cost you no less than $4,500,000. After all, you should have received $5 MILLION, but instead, only $500,000 will be paid out.

Want to bet, you will be disgusted for a very long time, despite the 1/2 MILLION you have pocketed?

Mega Ball’s House Edge

The house advantage of Mega Ball Evolution Gaming is between 4.60% to 4.95%.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

That’s quite substantial, especially compared to games like Lightning Roulette (house edge of 2.90%) and Lightning Baccarat (only 1.33% on the Player bet).

But if you compare it to a Bingo slot machine in a land-based casino in Las Vegas or near you, where the house edge is more than 10%, then Mega Ball is an excellent choice.

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