Blackjack tournament rules and tips

Blackjack tournament that is held at any of the best licensed online casinos is always an interesting and potentially lucrative thing (offline events are not as popular as the Internet ones). However, if these real competitions can be rarely met in European gambling clubs, in Las Vegas, BJ tournaments are regularly found in insider casinos.

Blackjack tournament: the stuff to know about

As it is clear from the words combination “Blackjack tournament”, this event is the gambling competition of card players, who are the best online Blackjack professionals.

Naturally, even the newbies can take part in it, but here, a person should use not only his luck but skills and the experience in cards’ counting. There are two types of these competitions:

  1. Buy-In;
  2. Freeroll.

The difference here is whether the participants have to pay a start-up fee (buy-in) to play or whether the participation is free. Basically, there is a guaranteed winning amount that the casino pays out. This is particularly interesting if the total of all the entry fees paid is lower than the “Guarantee” set by the casino. Then one can definitely make a profit as a player or at least lose nothing.

However, it also depends on the number of players. The fewer persons play, the greater the chance of winning. In freerolls, if a player drops out, it may be possible to buy in again. This so-called re-buy is voluntary.

Rules for a BJ tournament

These events work similarly to Poker tournaments. They are as follows:

  • Blackjack tournament is played at several Blackjack tables;
  • Up to seven persons play against the dealer (like in real BJ);
  • All tournament participants receive the same number of chips;
  • There is usually a predetermined number of hands played in which each player has to try to win the most chips at the table. A common number of rounds is 15;
  • Tournament Blackjack players with the largest number of chips advance one round. The number of them depends on the participants’ quantity.
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Nevertheless, one can master these things faster when he takes part in tournaments regularly.

Tips and strategies

Playing this card game, one has to remember about Blackjack tournament strategy that includes several important moments. For instance, in the early stages, the player should keep his stake low, but don’t let the leader out of his sight. It is also recommended to keep an eye on the maximum bet! In the last three hands, the participant should not be more than a max bet behind the leader. If he is are very far from the leader early on, he should try to catch up with two or three high bets instead of just even bets.

Another way to catch up is to do the opposite of the leader. If he bets a little, the player can bet a lot. If he makes a great bet, the player’s stake must be small. However, there is then a high risk that he can further expand the leadership. If a gambler is a leader, he shouldn’t bet much. It is important to give opponents the chance to catch up, but the house edge of the casino works against them. Another option is to adapt the assignment to the worst pursuer. This makes it more difficult to be caught up with.

Although it is not so simple to follow the basic strategy of a Blackjack tournament, its knowledge increases the gambler’s chances to win a competition. This knowledge can be gotten during free online BJ training (slots and simulators work well here).

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