Blackjack Insurance pros and cons

Very often, newbies are eager to learn what is insurance in Blackjack: many of them suppose that it is something like real insurance. Meanwhile, it is a bet, called “side”. Professional BJ tables have the sector with this bet. The most confusing thing here is the fact of this generous proposition that is offered to players. Meanwhile, the truth about it is something different. The dealer (or a pop-up in a slot) will always point out that a player making bets can use Blackjack Insurance if his own open card is an Ace, which means he can win a Blackjack, get 21 and win.

Blackjack Insurance usage explanation

The player has a few seconds to decide. Insurance Blackjack side bet costs money, half of the original bet. If the insured event occurs, i.e. the dealer turns over a second card with a value of 10, the insurance takes effect and the gambler gets a profit of 2:1.

Here is an example for illustration.

The player’s hand is worth 20 USD or he has bet 20 USD. Normally he would win $40… it wasn’t for the dealer’s Ace. So, the gambler pays 10 dollars for the insurance. The dealer reveals his hidden card and it is actually Blackjack. The player loses his 20, but he wins 20 from the side bet. It means, the player did not lose, but he has not received any profit. It might happen that the 2nd dealer’s card is neither 10, J, Q or K. Then the player wins his main bet, but here, some things must be considered. The net profit is reduced since the player paid a total of 30 dollars for the entire hand (original bet plus Blackjack Insurance wager).

Even Money

There is also another Blackjack Insurance called Even Money. If a player has blackjack with an Ace and a 10-value card and the dealer shows an Ace with his open card at the same time, he asks if the player wants even money. He means that the gambler will give up his BJ and get paid 1: 1 like a normal win. This is less than the normal 3: 2 BJ payout. For example, if a person has wagered 10, this option will add 10 to winnings. The player protects himself from the fact that the dealer also gets 21 and thus the gamer’s Blackjack can be counted as a tie, in which a casino client wins nothing.

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Is it worth taking insurance?

Professionals show they dislike it. It’s one of the blackjack laws: “Never take insurance”! The probability of 21 for the dealer is still low. Some players insure only their own hand if they have an Ace themselves and can, therefore, hope for Blackjack. Without insurance, the dealer and the player if they both had blackjack would compete. The experienced players point out that it is not worth using insurance in Blackjack. So, each one has to decide it to himself, considering the following things:

  • Blackjack Insurance might be useless if a gamer knows perfectly the basic strategy
  • It can work in 30% of cases
  • Everything depends on the money available and the goal of the game.

One can calculate the probability of a high card value for each next card. However, this is not possible in the online casino, because it is played with at least 7, often rather 8 or even more decks that are constantly shuffled.

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