Baccarat Tournament rules and winning strategies

Baccarat is fun and exciting game that attracts lots of gamblers all over the world both online and offline. Land based casinos and top gambling websites have special competition type for such players, which is called Baccarat Tournament. It promises really great prizes for winners and a couple of extremely engaging game sessions. This guide will give you the most valuable tips on winning such kind of competitions.

Baccarat tournament strategy guide

There are a couple of things that really matter on your way to the desired 1st place:

  1. Remember that your goal is to win the whole Baccarat Tournament and not to get the highest reward from one particular shoe. Avoid emotional decisions and keep an eye on your bankroll. Only the players with the highest amount of chips will pass through to the next round.
  2. Manage your bankroll wisely. Ending up without money just at the beginning of the whole competition is the worst thing that can happen.
  3. Make sure you know what stage of tournament you are at and how many hands are left. You can do that easily by counting the approximate number of cards that are already burnt. Each hand can use 4 – 6 cards (2 or 3 for both Player and Banker). Eight decks have 396 cards. So, you can just multiply the number of hands played by the average amount of cards in the hand, which is 5. This way you can understand when the middle and final stages of tournament begin.
  4. If there are secret bets, use them wisely. Always leave one for the final round.
  5. You have an advantage over the better on your left (wagers before you) and the bettor on your right has an advantage over you. Use this to adjust your wagering strategy accordingly.
  6. Always try to be in a “Star” positions. It means you have enough chips to pass to the next round whenever the game stops. It’s not always possible to be a leader among all the players, but it’s your final goal and you should take all possible efforts to reach that at the end of the round and the whole competition.
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Baccarat Tournament has several stages. On the first one there is usually a certain number of 12-player tables. The outcome defines 6 gamblers from each one that will move further in the competition. That goes till semi-final, where 4 players are chosen from each of 3 gaming tables. On the final stage the winner is determined.

Wins, odds and house edge

In Baccarat Tournament you’ll have all 3 standard betting options: Banker, Player and Tie. They have such winning probabilities:

  • Banker – 45.8%;
  • Player – 44.6%;
  • Tie – 9.6%.

The house edge for the first outcome is 1.06%. For second one it’s 1.24%, while the house edge is 14.36% for the third option.

In Baccarat Tournament a traditional version of the game is usually used, but it can also be Mini Baccarat. All the general rules, odds and wins are the same, but the dealer is the only one who turns the cards over, which means faster game setting and more shoes for an hour. Adjust your money management strategy respectively.

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