Slot Machine Strategy – How to Beat Slots and Win

You probably have spent a lot of time thinking about how to increase your chances of winning playing slots. The Internet is filled with various tips and strategies, many of which are just irrelevant. However, we spent a lot of time to study the question of the best winning slots strategy and are ready to share our knowledge with you.

How to Win on Slot Machines – Strategies & Tips

You probably noticed that each slot comes with a specific RTP value. This parameter shows the percentage of money that the slot returns to the players in a long run. Any slot has an RTP below 100% – this means that it is configured to make a profit for house. However, keep in mind that one big win can cover a long series of losses and bring you profit – it all depends on fortune. Thus, you can become a winning player while several other players fail and the casino is guaranteed to receive its commission – this is about how the slots work.

So, let’s clarify one thing immediately – any slot machine strategy will not make you a constantly winning player. However, you can increase your chances of winning and your profit if you follow some tips.

The Simplest Slot Machine Strategy – Always Bet Max

Everything is simple here – choose the maximum bet size and activate all paylines (or use the Bet Max feature if available) for each spin you make. We recommend choosing low volatility slots with high RTP for this slot machine strategy. Such games generate winning sequences much more often (although the value of such combinations is not too great). When making high stakes, you take into account the fact – the higher the size of the bet, the greater the prize amount.

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Martingale System as Slot Machine Strategy

Used for many gambling games, the Martingale system can be very promising for slot fans. The essence of the method is that you will double your bet every time you fail – any major win will cover your previous expenses. However, choosing a slot with a low betting range, you run the risk of reaching the limit and losing a large amount.

Fixed Bet Amount Slot Machine Strategy

This strategy has much in common with the first one, but it is not so risky because you can choose any amount for the bet (even the min bet size) and stick to it. Having determined the number of rounds for a game session in advance, you will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Some Useful Tips

In addition to the slot machine strategies listed above, we offer some useful tips to help prevent excessive costs:

  • Get rid of the temptation to continue playing after a long series of losses – set limits for bankroll and do not exceed them.
  • Claim casino bonuses to save your own money and extend gaming sessions.
  • Avoid lengthy gaming sessions if you have chosen a progressive slot for bets.

In addition, you can test your strategies in demo mode (if the feature is available). And the most important tip is to play for fun to get the best slots experience.

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