Discover the scratch card game rules and win

Scratch cards are a relatively young kind of lottery, which recently appeared also in online casinos. In general, lotteries have been known to mankind since time immemorial, but scratch cards were born only in the seventies of the last century.

This is an invention of a group of American scientists from Massachusetts who came up with a special coating that reliably protected the contents of the lottery ticket, but was easily erased with a coin or any other hard object. Let’s look at scratch card game rules.

How to play scrath cards online

In the classic version, scratch cards are made in the form of small tickets. On their front side is a playing field with nine cells. In each sector, the images indicated by the rules are applied. Pictures are hidden under a special spraying. The lottery participant is invited to erase the coating to see the pictures.
According to scrath cards online, scratch cards, in the cells of which there are three identical images, bring the win. In a separate sector, the amount of remuneration is indicated.

Initially, scratch cards were issued in the form of printed tickets. Online versions of the instant lottery appeared in the early 2000s. The first virtual scratch cards were offered by Scratch2Cash. Created using Flash and Java technologies, they simulate the process of erasing film.

Ways to open the protective layer

Scratch card game rules offer two ways to open a protective layer:

  • Sequentially in each cell, moving the mouse over the desired sector;
  • In all cells at once. To do this, use the Scratch All key or Show Card, depending on the version of the game.

Pressing it instantly opens all the images on the map.

Existing types of scratch cards online

Scratch card game rules are needed so that every player can dice and win, get jackpot.

  1. Maps with enlarged margins. On scratch cards of this type, playing fields are supplemented by several rows and levels. They may contain several dozen cells with images.
  2. With “winning” drawings. On such tickets, a special “winning” picture is determined.
  3. With service symbols. Most often in lotteries one of two variants of special drawings is found: a “wild” symbol or a bonus symbol.
  4. With bonus games. The launch of prize tours is carried out mainly by the mentioned bonus symbol.
  5. Lotteries with custom graphics. In such scratch cards, habitual fields with cells are replaced with unusual images.
  6. With a video. Such scratch cards are characterized by a variety of topics. For ticket issuance, plots of books, myths, legends, movies, comics, etc. are used.
  7. Poker cards. Fancy instant lotteries are available not only in online casinos. In particular, the terms of the PokerStars bonus policy provide for the provision of lottery tickets to active users. Draws are held according to the classical rules.
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