Roulette wheel with 37 and 38 sections

Roulette is a sophisticated game that has thrilled gamers for centuries. Due to the popularity of this game of chance, different types of it have appeared — European, French and American. The sense of each of these game types is the same: to guess the sectors of the Roulette wheel which the ball would choose when it stops and make a bet on any of them. 36 Roulette wheel numbers are painted in black and red, and 1 or 2 Zeros are green. The sections wheel positions depend on the game type.

Roulette wheel types

There are 37 pockets in French and European Roulette wheel (including the 0). The American version has an additional column: a 00 that doubles the casino edge. Since both game types have 37 numbers (including the Zero), certain gamblers players wonder what the difference between them.

Yes, the structure is exactly the same, but there is still a difference: if a player picks the French one, place an outside bet and the ball lands on Zero, half of his bet will be refunded. Initially, the French Roulette wheel had 36 numbers from 1 to 36. In the 18th century, a Zero was added. This version has the unique rules, such as simple bets “En Prison”, which freezes the bet until the next round in a red/black bet, for example, if the ball lands on the 0. With the La Partage rule, the player is paid the half of the money back on simple bets if the ball lands on Zero.

With La Partage and En Prison rules, the house advantage that is 2.7% on single numbers traditionally, falls to 1.35%.

American Roulette features

The game made its debut in the USA at the end of the 18th century and has had many different versions since then, until the new version was established in the 19th century.

  • It uses a “00” pocket that increases the number of sections to 38
  • The order of the casino Roulette game with the American Roulette wheel is completely different, but the layout of the table is the same except for the additional 00. 38 sections of the American Roulette wheel are formed with 36 “normal” pockets with even and odd 36 numbers, and the rest 2 sectors are Zeros
  • This peculiarity reduces the odds of a player, and the house edge increases twice
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Despite the increased advantage of a casino there, people often pick the American type of the game: the luckiest guys can win there much.

Other Roulette wheel versions

When a person is gambling actively, sooner or later, he will meet slots with an additional Roulette wheel or even several wheels. The only spin there can triple the gamer’s luck. Multi-wheel Roulette even offers the possibility of playing at 8 tables at the same time.

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