Roulette strategy overview

There are quite a few Roulette methods that are fun and help to play disciplined and determined. However, no one of them can be called the best Roulette strategy that guarantees profits. Each Roulette strategy has its advantages and created to help a player to win his bets and more money in a chosen online casino. Take a closer look at the whole thing.

Roulette strategy #1: Martingale system

It is arguably the best known and most widely used Roulette betting strategy. This is partly due to the fact that the principle is very easy to understand and that Martingale is considered surefire for many inexperienced players. The main features of the Martingale strategy are:

  • It is based on negative progression. This means that the bets are increased in the event of losses
  • The odds are simple. These include red / black, even / odd and 1-18 / 19-36
  • Bets are always doubled after a loss
  • The player bets on the same chance until he wins
  • After winning, it goes back to the basic bet that the player has previously defined

The idea behind the Martingale is that any loss the player makes is made up for by the double trick of winning. Unfortunately the wheel rarely runs as the player wishes.

Paroli strategy

It is also a simple system that does not pose a challenge to the newcomer. Basically, Paroli is nothing other than the opposite of Martingale. While Martingale doubles bets on losses, the player doubles the bets whenever he wins

  • Paroli is played with simple chances
  • This Roulette wheel strategy is based on a positive progression
  • If the player loses, he always plays the basic bet. If he wins, the bet is doubled
  • Many players set themselves a profit target and start again after reaching it

The idea behind this system is that the player is as budget-friendly as possible. The losses do not hurt so much and the sums of the winnings are intended to make up for the losses made with the Paroli tactic

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Parlay strategy

This system is based on a positive progression. The stakes are increased here whenever the player records a win. The Parlay Roulette strategy is similar in some respects to the Paroli, but has its own approach, and the player who spins the wheel thinking about this method should remember the following things

  • Not only simple chances are played here
  • The player defines the stages of his game flexibly
  • The player defines both the starting stakes and the desired amount of winnings
  • Every loss goes back to the first step

This method is used not as often as Martingale, but here, beginners get a certain amount of security because they simply have to stick to a predefined plan. Besides, there are other systems that are made with a one goal — to increase the player’s odds to win. One can try them free in an online casino that offers its visitors Demo mode of slots with Roulette.

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