Roulette simulator for free training

Roulette simulator is a special program created for casino players. It imitates the game with a chosen strategy in accelerated mode. Thus, the gambler always has a possibility to check these strategies, compare them and pick this one that is the best option for him. Although none of the Roulette wheel simulator variants that exist today can guarantee constant winnings, and no one result can be 100% reliable, this soft popularity does not roll down.

The RNG algorithm works here according to its own laws, which can differ greatly from those used in this favorite game. Nevertheless, the use of it gives a good idea about the work of Roulette in the long run/.

Roulette simulator types

There are paid and free online Roulette simulator variants. Free usually have a minimum of features. Paid ones offer very fine tuning, but the gambler must never forget about the warnings. Before starting the program, it is supposed to enter data to verify

  • Betting numbers — the most important data for any Roulette simulator
  • Starting bet amount
  • Maximum bankroll
  • Betting rules
  • Simulated series duration
  • Conditions for stopping the simulation
  • Coefficients for each type of combination

As the result, the gambler receives the entire game sequence, a graph of the state of the bankroll, reports for all types of events. Additional data, such as the most often “winning” numbers, the probability of occurrence of certain numbers, and others can be also calculated and simulated.

Roulette events simulators of Roulette

Those, who are interested in learning the game better, can find a Roulette simulator at popular sites (Steam, for instance) for a narrow range of events and Roulette systems. Such soft is used only for dozens, manually set sequences, etc. There are also programs created for Paroli, Martingale, D’Alembert, and other popular techniques. Although the results look very serious and believable, such simulators work with their own RNG, which does not correspond to the real work of the RNG of licensed software developers. Accordingly, only the divergence of results can be guaranteed. It can be taken as a “Demo”; when it comes to real-money gambling, gamblers should better trust their intuition, experience, and skills.

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Mobile Roulette simulators

If a gambler is interested in playing on the go, he can always pick and download any free (or even paid) soft of this type for his smartphone or a tablet. Android and iOS devices support them. Once it is installed, it can be used at any time: offline usage of certain programs of this type is also foreseen. Besides, the usage of this stuff will help the beginners to master Roulette and come to their own conclusions when estimating the benefits and profits of the chosen Roulette simulator

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