Roulette guide main information

If a newbie is eager to learn everything about Roulette table game and similar online games of chance with a wheel, he should use the simplest Roulette guide. It will be a virtual helper for the person, who is interested in everything that refers to this casino entertainment. One can find there the game rules, main strategies, odds, information about payout in various types of Roulette, etc..

Roulette guide about rules

Most people, who never played Roulette but heard about this game, are divided into 2 categories. The first one is sure that this is the simplest game and fun ever. The second one finds its rules too complicated. Both are wrong. Naturally, it is not so easy, but with time, the experience will come. The rules will be learned by heart, and the regular usage of a Roulette winning strategy guide will let players stay happy with the results of the game. Meanwhile, new gamblers will start to distinguish American, French and European Roulette variants and use various systems of betting in each of them. Terms, the words used during the game information, should be learned well. It will be difficult to win anything without this knowledge.

Roulette terms to remember

There are many special words used only in this game. They must be remembered. French Roulette terms might seem to sound very unusual, as French expressions are used there. Here are some of the terms which one needs to know well.

  • Spin. This is one game, one throw (Shoot) of the ball
  • Wager. This is the coefficient that a player needs to wager to pay the bonus received. Different casinos have different wager sizes
  • Split. The best-paid bet on 2 numbers. Winning is paid 1 to 18 here
  • Martingale. This is the system of doubling bets, each bid is 2 times more than the previous one
  • Shooter. The one who is throwing (shooting) the ball
  • Basket. This is a stake on 0, 1, 3, 4. The payout here is 1:4
  • Line. A person bets on the 2 rows of three numbers (1-6, 4-9. 7-12. 13-18. 31-36)
  • La Partage. This rule works in French Roulette only and it makes the casino’s edge smaller. These rules and payouts with La Partage are explained in detail in any French Roulette guide
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For sure, there are many more other special words, but they will be remembered automatically, when the person starts playing regularly.

Tips for players

These tips might work with other games of chance, but most of them can be found in a Roulette guide.

    1. Do not be greedy and win no more than 10-15% of the initial deposit
    2. Do not withdraw all money at once
    3. Do not play on the day of withdrawal of money. It will protect the player from unnecessary risks
    4. Do not rush to agree to bonuses. Read and understand the casino bonus policy first. Pay attention to the wager
    5. Be sure to practice on a demo account. This will help a newbie to avoid further random errors, especially when playing with a live dealer, when there is very little time to place bets

When playing with a gaming machine, it is better to change the strategy every 3-4 minutes; otherwise, the anti-win program will recognize the algorithm of the game.

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