Online Roulette bonus types

Everyone knows that Roulette is actually a game of fortune. It is extremely popular all over the world. The rules of the game are almost the same all the time, regardless of whether you play online or at a real table. It is a good alternative to playing slots. Many gamblers turn to roulette to diversify their experience and get something new. Here, you can win quickly and easily. The winning potential in such gaming machines is very large, especially if you use various betting strategies.

Thus, Roulette is traditionally considered to be a noble and intellectual game, it is the queen of gambling.

When you are gambling, you can get an online Roulette bonus. It can be cool support for a newbie, who does not know what to do in a casino and who is not sure if it is possible to win here. No deposit bonus Roulette will provide money to a player soon after the registration when no deposit has been made yet. Each gambling resource has its own loyalty program, so you can select Roulette casino bonus only if you consider a particular playing site with its offers.

Which online Roulette bonus is the best one?

It is not easy to say which online Roulette bonus is the best one. The player should consider all the offers and only then take a decision to use it or not (you can refuse from such a gift). Traditionally, casinos offer the following casino Roulette bonus options:

  1. No deposit online Roulette bonus like in 888Casino. It is given to a player before they make a deposit. The gambler can withdraw it only if they win. The Wager should not be over X30, otherwise, the proposition is not profitable.
  2. Deposit bonus. It can reach 100% and even 200% from your first deposit. Be careful here: you can cash out it only when you spend some money from your account. Very often, this type of bonus online Roulette needs a promo code.
  3. Reload bonus. This is the proposition for the existing casino players: it raises their interest in the site they gamble.
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Roulette Bonus withdrawal

It is not so easy to withdraw online Roulette bonus: to get the money, the player must perform several spins to work out the bonus provided.

A certain number of these spins (bets) is called Wager.

The role of Wager in online Roulette bonus

The Wager size determines the amount of the bonus, which should be increased in several times. Therefore, carefully examine the bonus system of the selected online casino before opening a deposit there and starting the game.

For example, an online casino provides gamers with a 100% bonus. At the same time, they are told that the size of the wager is 10. The player puts $100 on a deposit, and taking into account the bonus, the balance is now $200. To withdraw them, the gambler must play ten times. This means that $100 must be multiplied by the wager size (100) and you get $1000. This is the stake the player must place at a particular online casino in order to withdraw the bonus money.

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