Progressive Slots – How to Play Them?

Looking for the win that can change your future life radically? Choose progressive jackpots slots for placing real money bets. Slots are the most popular games at online casinos – they make millions for many players.

However, in the first place, it is important to understand the following – what they are, what types of progressives are offered and how they work.

What are Progressive Slots?

Progressives and regular slots have a lot in common. These games have several reels and paylines, and may include bonus features, rounds with free spins and thematic mini-games.

However, there is one important difference between progressives and other machines – they make it possible to win a huge amount of prize money called the jackpot.

Advantages of Playing Jackpot Games

Imagine that just one bet can change your whole life! So, playing progressive slots is very exciting. History knows many people who changed their ordinary life to a luxurious one, having won a jackpot of several million dollars. So, here are the strengths of the progressive jackpot slots:

  • The opportunity to win the highest prize at stake by making just one successful bet.
  • Progressive slots can offer jackpots in the amount of several million dollars in payout.
  • Since to get the highest prize, you need to make maximum bets, you will get VIP player privileges – the best casino bonuses with low wager requirements, comp points, account level increase and much more.

Keep in mind that your chances of hitting the jackpot are pretty low, but your every attempt is worth it! You can play free progressive slots to find out how it works in practice.

Types of Progressives

There are various options for progressive slots from which you can choose:

  • Standalone – slots with a fixed jackpot amount associated with the most valuable winning combination at the maximum rate.
  • In-House options – slots connected to the progressive jackpot network within one casino website. These slots offer not too large jackpot amounts which do not increase too fast.
  • Network progressives – slots connected to a network including several casinos using software from one major provider. Microgaming with its progressive slots is one of the leaders in this field.
  • Such slots form a large prize pool that is growing quite rapidly. For example, Mega Moolah, one of the jackpot payout record holders, paid over $ 10 million to several lucky ones.
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Also, there are many other types of jackpot slot machines – random or hidden jackpots and others. As example, some providers offer games that distribute jackpots randomly.

Some titles include several types of jackpots at once – The Super Multitimes Progressive Slot by iSoftBet is a good example of such a game. With its classic atmosphere and original symbols (BAR, fruits), Multitimes Progressive offers you the opportunity to win each of the four jackpots available in this game.

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