Brief overview of Pariplay casino

Pariplay was established in 2008, but on the market of online games it appeared not so long time ago. However, as of today it has got a good repute. This brand has surprised many with its unique approach to games, which is available for everybody who is looking for a possibility to spend a good time.

Pariplay casino introduced to the gaming industry an emphasis on returning the amount of fixed rates, which was introduced into the gaming machines developed by the company. This innovation helped to increase volatility in traditional gaming models. The brand also develops games for social networks.

Features of Pariplay games

First of all, it should be noted that the company’s gaming platform offers a full range of rebranding services. They are supplied in conjunction with a fully customizable access subsystem.

This casino software offers a good selection of proprietary gaming companies, and thanks to HTML5 technology, it also provides integration to third parties. Client security on the Pariplay gaming site is provided using modern 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

As mentioned above, the company’s offer is made unique by working on the basis of a fixed-rate algorithm instead of using a random number generator in any slot. This algorithm gives players confidence in a consistent and predictable return on their investment.

The game portfolio of this developer includes more than 100 games in various categories. For example, slots and spins, bingo, scratch cards and games with instant win. The environment of fixed rates in which the company should develop does not give it enough opportunities to create more games.

Pariplay games offer new players a variety of bonuses. It’s one of the best casinos by this feature. The largest of them are provided after making the first few deposits.

No deposit bonuses are also common in this company’s products. Unlike some large gaming platforms, such as RTG and Playtech, individual casinos can create their own bonus schemes, so the promotions they offer may differ from the basic bonuses.

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