Mini Baccarat rules, odds and strategies

There are a few Baccarat variations you can play in online and offline casinos. One of them is Mini Baccarat. Let’s find out how different it is from the conventional game and how to get wins in it.

Mini Baccarat vs traditional game

There are a few changes in the mini version:

  • Mini Baccarat dealer is the only one who turns the cards over (for both banker and player hands);
  • the whole session goes way faster then in traditional game;
  • the bet low limits and buy ins are smaller.

The rest part of the rules is the same.

Mini Baccarat rules guide

There are 3 bet options you can choose: Banker, Player and Tie. The winner is determined according to the hand value. The one closest to 9 is the best. There can be from 2 to 3 cards in the hand, which depends on the fact whether the rules allow Banker or Player to draw the 3rd one.

Each card has its own value. When you play Mini Baccarat, you can get 1 point for Ace, 0 points for all the pictures and 2 – 9 points for numbers. If the total sum exceeds 9, only the second digit is taken into consideration. For example, 19 is counted as 9.

House edge and odds

Mini Baccarat gambling success highly depends on numbers. If we talk about odds to win, Banker bet will favor you in 45.8% of cases. When you wager on Player, the statistics says you can win with 44.6% probability. As for Tie, it has 9.6% ratio.

But what about payouts? Here is what you can get:

  1. Player bet – x1.
  2. Banker bet – x1, but you pay 5% fee.
  3. Tie – x8.

The house edge is the highest for Tie bet. It reaches an incredibly high 14.36% ratio. On the other hand, the house edge will be only 1.06% when you wager on banker. As for players bet, the ratio is 1.24%.

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How to get a prize?

In Mini Baccarat rounds go faster then in conventional game. It means you should be careful with the amounts you wager not to drain your bankroll just at the beginning of the session. This also means betting too much isn’t the best option.

According to statistics, Banker bet is the most lucrative, so use this advantage and wager on Banker when the trend is favorable. You can whether have a break or choose Player’s side when the trend changes. As for Tie, this outcome is rear and never forms a trend, so the whole thing is pure luck. Try it from time to time, but don’t bet too much.

Where to play Mini Baccarat online free?

You’ll find lots of websites that offer the game. Just make sure they’re legal and trustworthy. Such online casinos should have all the licenses and be certified by industry authorities and independent auditors. Also, there shouldn’t be any time limit or registration requirements for free gambling.

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