Martingale Blackjack strategy pros and cons

Despite the fact that Martingale Blackjack strategy is not as popular as the system of gambling in Roulette, it is also used successfully. The system is based on the idea that after a potential loss, the player cans continuously double his bet until he makes a profit.

The Martingale system Blackjack game is “built” in such a way that the player can get compensation for all previous losses after a single win. In theory, the system promises slow, but reliable and predictable profits. At least that’s the theory. In the event of a loss, each new bet is doubled until the player can beat the bank.

Martingale Blackjack strategy essence

Although the Martingale Blackjack system usage winning probability is 50/50, it is considered to be a working strategy. After each win, the player starts with the smallest start bet. The player can start with, for example, a bet of 2 USD. He can draw a card until he completes the round. In the event of a win, he must simply bet again and the initial amount and can thus increase the overall win step by step. If a gamer loses, it is very important to operate the system exactly as specified:

  • 1st bet: $2. Total loss: $2
  • 2nd bet: $4. Total loss: $6
  • 3rd bet: $8. Profit: $16
  • Total stakes: $14
  • Profit: $16
  • Effective profit with Martingale Blackjack strategy here: $2

This example shows that no matter what a gamer bets, he will always leave the game with a slight plus if he manages to double the win.

Pros and cons of Martingale

A major Blackjack Martingale strategy advantage of the Martingale strategy is that it is possible to compensate for all previous losses with just a single winning coup and then conclude with a win. In addition, there are simple rules that are clear for beginners.

However, the disadvantages also exist. There are usually no 100% odds to win with Martingale Blackjack strategy. The casino has always a small house edge. Table limits also lead to problems in connection with the Martingale. These stand in the way of a constant doubling. If the player cannot double more, this is usually associated with large losses. An obvious 50:50 chance is only averaged. Of course, it is possible that one can make quick first profits, but even a 5 to 10 loss in a row is not uncommon and is part of everyday life.

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If a newbie wants to test the system online, he can use one of the providers that let casinos use the Demo mode of the BJ slots. The additional bonus money offered can be used perfectly for an extensive test. The more a person trains, the higher the chances to get the essence of the strategy and use its advantages are.

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