Live Blackjack games and providers

The “live casino” buzzword denotes the latest development in the online casino industry. It tries to give customers a more extensive casino feeling. In Live Blackjack, a professional casino croupier communicates with players through a webcam and streamed to the computer or smartphone. There, one can watch live how a real person distributes the cards on the screen and react directly to them. This eliminates the random generator that some customers of online casinos do not trust.

Live Blackjack game concept

Some people do not trust the slots RNG and believe the order of the given cards could be manipulated to their disadvantage. Large reputable online casinos, in particular, are repeatedly tested for fraud, but the personal touch in the live casino naturally offers a special incentive. When it comes to online Blackjack live dealer game, one can watch the real guy at work and see that everything is going right.

Advantages of Live BJ casino games

The real-dealer casino also has advantages over regular visits to land-based establishments.

  • First of all, getting there is not easy for everyone, especially in rural areas
  • Furthermore, such companies are tied to opening times that not everyone can take advantage of due to work or family
  • Finally, if a live Blackjack croupier can be watched, no one Blackjack games player is seen: one can feel relaxed and comfortable

This shows the benefits of live Blackjack 21 casino games.

Live BJ providers

There are not so many companies that real with live-time games. The most famous of them are:

  1. NetEnt;
  2. Evolution Gaming;
  3. Microgaming;
  4. Playtech.

The croupiers usually speak several languages; English, Spanish, Italian, German and the Chinese.

Tips to pick a live BJ provider

It is always better to try the game first to see if it is worth playing, but live BJ can be played for real money only. Therefore, the theory here can help. For instance, NetEnt live dealer casinos offer only Roulette and Blackjack, but at a high level, and Evolution Gaming is the absolute leader among Live Blackjack providers. The croupiers always make a friendly impression, increasing the fun immensely in this way. The range of languages is also impressive: in addition to English, tables with other European languages, such as Swedish, Danish, Italian and German, are available. Evolution Gaming is headquartered in London, with various recording studios in Malta and Latvia.

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Microgaming that was is based in the Isle of Man, with recording studios in Canada, Argentina and the Philippines, also has great fame. The other company, Playtech is a safe bank from a technical point of view. However, the image and sound are not quite as good as with other providers, but they are absolutely sufficient and useful. The slightly larger playing cards make it easier to read the card values directly and thus offer an easy and fun introduction to the world of live blackjack. Playtech is based on the Isle of Man and has studios in Latvia and the Philippines.

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