Complete list of craps rules for your victory

Entertainment has become popular many years ago and to this day, users have an interest in it. The main advantages of the game are simple rules, large payout and high probability of winning. Let’s get to grips with craps rules.

Rules of craps

In order for the gamer to be able to start the game, you need to know the rules for craps. Bets are made first. They are accepted in chips, the value of which varies in the range from one to five hundred dollars. You can bet on options for potential combinations.

The goal of the game is very simple and that if a player’s bet wins, then he receives a win in accordance with standard coefficients. Accordingly, losers lose the bet, but in some cases it may be returned.

Craps rules and bets for dummies

According to craps game rules, there are several types of bets in the game:

  1. “Pass Line” bet – the numbers 7 or 11 win, at the same time, 2, 3 or 12 will be losing. The remaining numbers begin the second level;
  2. “Don’t pass line” – win numbers 2 and 3. 7 and 11 indicate defeat;
  3. At any time you can make a “come” bet. Winning relies on the numbers 7 and 11;
  4. In the don’t come bet, the values 7 and 11 lose. The victory is brought by 2 and 3. The number 12 returns the bet to the player.

Top Slots

So, we examined basic craps rules. Now let’s take a look at the most popular rolls craps slots:

  1. NetEnt slot. The process takes place on a special green field. Layout of bones – on the field. On the table you can also see the types of bets and combinations. The slot machine has high-quality graphics, pleasant sound and an intuitive interface.
  2. Slot from Endorphina. The manufacturer’s emulator has a clear interface and affordable controls. Craps online slot is appreciated by casino visitors due to the frequency of winnings. A high percentage of return allows customers to make big profits during the game.
  3. Machine from Betsoft Gaming. The Advanced Dice game is a slot that repeats the craps game that is popular all over the world and preferred by many. In this game, throwing out any of the three dice takes place independently, without the other two participating. It should be noted that this gaming machine does not apply to those in which a pre-installed program takes place.
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This means that all character sets fall out completely by accident, they are based on the activity of a mechanism known to many – a random number generator. Craps rules of this game slot are quite simple – there are three dice with six sides in the game space, which, when you press a key, begin to move freely. The moment when the cubes stop is characterized by an instant comparison of the total value with table payouts. In case the received character set is in the payout column, the winning amount is credited to the participant’s personal account.

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