Keno rules for a better game

People who like to participate in various lotteries may well also like the kind of lottery known as Keno. This game appeared about two thousand years ago in ancient China.

According to historical data, it was invented by the ruler of one of the regions of China in order to raise additional funds for conducting expensive military operations. Today, Keno is played all over the world. Let’s look at keno rules.

How to play: keno game rules

The main attributes of the lottery are special coupons and balls with numbers. On the coupon is a table with numbers from one to eighty. Players must select twenty numbers from this table. During the game twenty balls randomly fall.

If the numbers chosen by the players coincide with the drawn balls, then they receive a reward. To date, there are a large number of varieties of this game. In many of them, players are given certain wins, even if not all of the numbers match.

Rules of keno online

Today you can play the lottery on various online slots. Players need only visit the site, register and select the desired numbers in the table.

Let’s look at the best lottery slots today and their rules keno:

    1. Keno from NetEnt. The rules are simple: mark the numbers on a special ticket and select a bet. The random number generator (in the version with online casinos) will determine twenty victorious numbers. The higher the selected numbers matches, the greater the amount of winnings.
    2. Keno from Endorphina. Select up to 10 numbers (from 1 to 80) by clicking on them on the playing field or use the random selection of numbers, simply by indicating their number and pressing the “ok” button. In the “Bet amount” window, enter the desired amount and click the “Place a bet” button.
    3. Keno from here we list the main advantages of the free version of the Keno slot, which will help you assess the real benefits of such devices: unlimited bet sizes and free choice of the number of virtual draws; quick access to the lottery due to the lack of registration on the online casino website; anonymous participation in the game, allowing gamers to maintain the confidentiality of personal data.
    4. Keno from Betsoft Gaming. Rules keno of this slot are very simple. Before the start of the game tour, you must place bets on the numbers available on the field. Bids can range from 2 to 10 numbers. The lottery drum in turn will give out 20 balls and your winnings will depend on the number of positions of balls drawn from the lottery drum and the numbers you have chosen. Of course, the more positions you engage, the more odds to win, but there is a small nuance.
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We hope this material will allow you to learn the number of winnings and prizes.

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