Keno history: how the game developed

Keno is a numerical lottery and one of the oldest known games. It involves 80 numbered balls, and a game leaflet on which the player must mark from 1 to 20 numbers. The winning combination consists of 20 numbers. The more numbers match in a player’s bet, the greater his winnings. Let’s look at keno history in this article.

Keno game history: from antiquity to 2020

Around 200 BC in China, one of the most popular world games to date was created under the name “KENO”. This game has gained immense popularity due to the large and fast cash winnings.

Moreover, the popularity of “KENO” is so great that the game went through the centuries with almost no changes and has survived to the present day. And today, every day, millions of people around the world easily win crazy money at KENO.

History of keno: moment of appearance

It is believed that the birthplace of “KENO” is ancient China. Mention of this game can be found in ancient Chinese scrolls dated 200 BC, which were carefully stored and passed on from generation to generation.

Legend has it that a long time ago, when the Chinese provinces were mired in wars for the redistribution of territory, and there was not enough money to support the army, the wise ruler of the Celestial Empire from the Han dynasty made a non-standard decision. He invented a game whose income went to the maintenance of a huge Chinese army.

Over time, this game began to be called “KENO”. It is believed that the Great Wall of China was built with the money raised from KENO.

Keno history: how did the name appear

The very origin of the word “KENO” has an interesting history. There are two points of view. Some believe that “KENO” has French roots and comes from the word “Quine” – five winning numbers. Others agree that KENO has a Latin origin. Its basis is the word “Quini”, which in translation means “five for each.”

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But no matter how the researchers of the language translate this word, they all agree on one thing: “KENO” is a numerical game, the essence of which is big and quick wins.

Game today

Today, “KENO” is one of the most popular games, various versions of which are present in almost all countries of the world. In Australia, for example, the first Tatts Keno draw took place on May 2, 1988, and now these draws are held daily.

The game “KENO” is popular among people of all ages and nationalities, because for a little money you can win a fortune. If you saw the movie “Vacation in Las Vegas”, you will recall the scene where Sid Sizar, having guessed all 10 numbers in “KENO”, not believing that he won the main prize, just falls into place.

We hope this material was useful to you and you will improve your results in the game.

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