How to play Blackjack: rules in brief

Those, who wish to learn how to play Blackjack, must remember first the simplest things and the basic strategy: it is played with a French deck of 52 cards, and to win, one must get 21 points or close to it, but without surpassing them. The dealer’s hand has to be beaten. This can be achieved either by having more points than the dealer or by exceeding the 21 point mark. Each participant plays alone against the croupier.

How to play Blackjack: rules and cards value

There is nothing complicated here — to learn how to play Blackjack, one should begin with the cards and their values that correspond to their faces. Face cards bring 10 and the Ace can bring 1 or 11 points. The card colors play no role.

The game process

The player gets 2 open cards. The croupier takes 2 cards. He shows one card open and the 2nd card is opened when all gamblers have made bets.

Each gambler must consider whether to draw another card or if it is enough. Drawing another card costs no bet. In theory, it is possible to draw up to 21 cards without overbid. The maximum number of cards in BJ also depends on the casino. It is often not possible to draw more than 11 cards. However, most players stop pulling at 16 to 17 points at the latest, because the risk of overbidding becomes very high.

When everybody has drawn cards and declared their game complete, the dealer shows his 2nd card. He must score at least 17 points to qualify. If he has not reached this value with the first 2 cards, he must draw a card until he reaches the value or exceeds 21. If he reaches 17 or more he cannot draw a new card.

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Special features of the BJ rules

Blackjack how to play rules can be confusing at first. A few of them are presented below.

  1. Insurance. When a newbie learns how to play Blackjack and bet, he must remember about this situation: if the bank’s open card is an Ace, the player has the option of taking out insurance to protect himself.
  2. If the croupier receives an Ace and the player has BJ, this player can have the win paid out 1: 1 and end the game
  3. When a gamer gets 2 identical values with the first two cards (e.g. two times the eight), he can split these cards. Both cards are now treated separately and a bet equal to the first bet for the second pair of cards must be made
  4. Ace pairs can be divided any number of times. If a pair of Aces is split, the player receives only 1 card per Ace. If he gets 21 points with this, this pair of cards is not counted as Blackjack, as the starting hand was two Aces

All this stuff can be easily remembered (almost automatically) during free BJ training. One can play the Demo mode of the slots with BJ at a casino that welcomes its guests to play for fun.

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