French Roulette and its features

Roulette refers to the oldest games of chance. It is played in online and offline casinos today and there are several variants of it, including French Roulette. Some players find it the best one as the house edge is very low here. The other ones dislike it only for the fact that everything (bets, announcements) is in French: some gamblers simply do not understand this language.

Meanwhile, those, who play it for years, remember the “unknown” terms automatically and do not find them to be too complicated.

French Roulette game features

French Roulette differs from the European game variant not only with the French-language Roulette table layout. There are other features that distinguish it:

  • The dealer’s announcements are also usually made in this language
  • Special La Partage and En Prison rules are included
  • The names of the bets or croupiers are also different. There is a “Chef de Table” who oversees the gaming table and heads his team

French Roulette game might seem to be something very odd for a newbie, who does not know this European language. However, practice will let him understand everything and come to the conclusion that here, he has more odds to win. Since the possible uses, the payouts, and the overall expected profit are identical to the European game variant.

La Partage and En Prison rules

These rules concern the Zero section and the simple chances. If the ball lands on Zero, everyone loses their outside bet. La Partage gives the player the opportunity to get half of his bet back if this happens. En Prison or “in prison” means that if the ball stops at Zero, the gambler’s bet will be “blocked” for the next wheel spin if. However, if the player bet is lost in the next round again, his bet is gone. In a case of a victory with an unlocked bet, the player will get his bet again.

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This rule is extremely beneficial to French Roulette online players and increases the chances of winning even more in a game that already has a high RTP. It is generally assumed that the so-called house is around 2.7 %.

With the La Partage, this benefit drops to around 1.35 percent. At the same time, this also means that the advantage for the player increases somewhat. Admittedly, this increase is not particularly large, but it can have a positive impact on profit expectations over the course of an entire game.

Overall, Roulette La Partage is a very attractive variant of a well-known classic. It is also positive one you can try out the game first without wagering real money: in a Demo French Roulette game, one can bet fake money.

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