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Types of free online casino games

Those, who adore slot machines but still are not ready to risk their money or just want to get more experience, can play free online casino games. These are the same games, which gamblers pick to get a great reward on them, but here, you use Demo version. It means you do not bet using real currency, therefore, you do not lose if the combination on the screen does not bring you a victory. The best thing here is that you never lose.

There are many different types of free casino games online. Most of the gaming resources let the players try them with no money so that they can estimate their pros and understand which of the variants of these games matches them. It can be live games where a dealer is a real person or a modern slot, it can be a classic gaming machine with an old design, Bingo or Keno.

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It may happen that some sites that deal with this stuff for playing do not have the needed type of casino games free online. It does not matter. The number of reliable casinos is large enough to find another one, where your favorite games are available in Demo versions. For instance, Mr. Green and William Hill offer all their visitors the best opportunity to try these games before they place the chosen bet.

Types of free casino games online

Sometimes, it is better to find a gaming resource that offers Demo game versions to understand if the casino is trusted or not. As a rule, only gambling sites offer free online casino games. They respect the choice of each one and they also make everything possible to attract new players to their casino. The founders of this online casino will not engage in dangerous activities. You will recognize this resource by different free online casino games real money no deposit promotions.

Still, the most popular games in online casinos are slot machines. The other games that you can pick to try for free include:

  • Live free casino games online;
  • Video Poker;
  • Bingo;
  • Keno;
  • Other lotteries, etc.

Slots, in their turn, are divided into three types: 3-reel, 5-reel, and 7-reel.

3-reel slots in online casinos

3-reel playing mechanisms appeared more than a hundred years ago. Today, 3-reel free online casino games where you can also get a bonus, have become a truly classic type of slots. This bright kind of slot machines is expectedly sought after with the opening of modern virtual casinos.

To get the victory you need to collect the prize 3 icons combination on one payline. Sometimes jackpot presents here. The main symbols are red sevens, berries, and fruits.

The other name of these classic slots is Fruit machines. Playing on a 3-reel slot is suitable for people who want to plunge into past pleasant memories at any time, or for beginners.

5-reel slot machines for free

Today, the main type of free casino games online is 5-reel slots. They were created in order to remove the annoying monotony of a three-reel machine, to diversify the gameplay, and to complicate and supplement the standard rules of the game. Certain combinations on the gaming lines bring people to victory. Their subjects are quite diverse — frogs, spirits, ancient states, butterflies, fruits, fabulous countries, and so on. Some of these slots are real “stories” — you live with the main hero online, fight with him, and win.

5-reel free online casino games have their own characteristics: the bonus game with free spins, additional “game-in-a-game”, etc.

So, before starting the game, check out in advance what the selected type of slot machine offers you. Having decided on the paylines and the sum of the stake, start the game.

7-reel slot machines

These machines are truly innovative in the world of online casinos. They appeared recently, and their popularity came gradually. With modern graphics, wonderful design, sound, such slots, unfortunately, are deprived of the bonus game.

So the 7-reel slot machines are the stricter and closest to the classic version of the super game. However, additional 2 reels significantly increase the chance of a prize combination. Playing these free online casino games win real money no deposit is possible. You get a bonus before replenishing your account and play. If you succeed, no deposit bonus can be withdrawn. You can try these 7-reels slots for free before you gamble:

  • Lucky Sevens;
  • Farming Fortunes;
  • The 7 reel Slot;
  • I.R.I.S 3000.

Free online casino games give a beginner the largest chance to feel the atmosphere of a play, understand which gaming site he likes more, remember the rules of the games he likes more and be ready for real gambling.