Free Bet Blackjack casino game

2012 came into history not only as the year when Obama managed to become the USA president for the second time but the year, when Free Bet Blackjack variant of the card game appeared. It can be played both online and offline: the rules in both variants are similar.

Free Bet Blackjack: the sense of the game

Most people, who hear about it for the first time, ask an expected question: “What is Free Bet blackjack?” The rules here differ from the classic variant of this intellectual game. The idea of it was offered by Geoff Hall, a popular games developer. Its sense is quite simple: when a player is going to make a Double or Split, he can do it absolutely for free. I.e., he does not risk more money. Besides, 22 points here is not a bust.

The game basic rules

If a player is interested in mastering Free Bet Blackjack, he has to learn the ABC of the game, including its basic strategy and odds. Here are the moments that a newbie must remember:

  • 6 standard decks are used
  • The dealer draws a card on soft 17 points
  • Free Bet Blackjack 22 side push bet wins if the dealer gets 22
  • Blackjack combination paid 3: 2
  • Double can be done with any 2 cards; it is also possible after Split
  • Cards can be spitted once more (Aces, too)
  • Players cannot use Surrender

“Free doubles” are allowed if the Free Bet Blackjack online player has 9, 10 or 11 points (regular doubles can be made on any other points). Making a free double, the player is given an additional card. If he loses, he loses only his first bet only. If there is a tie, the initial bet is returned. If a player wins, he gets his bet back, plus two more.

Splits and bust in Free Bet Blackjack

The gambler can split all pairs of cards, but he cannot split 10s. If a player makes a free split, then the initial bet remains on the first hand; each hand is played separately. Moreover, each of the hands has the right to a free double with a total of 9, 10 or 11 points, as well as a regular double (it is paid here) with any other amount. If the dealer gets exactly 22 points, then all bets that were not up to that point in time are considered to be draws, and not winning, as in traditional game variant.

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If a person is interested in Free Bet Blackjack, he can find a slot with this game in the casino he can trust. Respected casinos offer the Demo versions of this unusual and interesting intellectual (and profitable) entertainment.

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