Exclusive deposit bonuses and hot to get them

Most online casinos today offer players various exclusive no deposit bonuses.

However, before rushing to such attractive, at first glance, proposals, you should carefully read the Terms and Conditions. As a rule, the conditions are extremely attractive: the casino offers players money that can be used in the game and, thus, increase the chances of winning.

How to get exclusive deposit bonuses

The most common bonuses are chips or free spins, which are credited to the account. As practice shows, this is the easiest way to get a bonus from the online casino. It should be understood that you cannot directly simply take and withdraw bonus funds from the account, transferring them into cash.

You can use exclusive casino no deposit bonus as if it was real money, but withdraw it only after certain conditions have been fulfilled that are specified in the rules in advance.

What is a wager and what is it for?

Looking through the bonuses on the sites of various online casinos, players are faced with such a concept as “wager”. Now we will explain what is a wager, and what functions it performs.

When choosing a specific bonus, you should pay attention not only to the amount, the number of free spins provided or the percentage of return, but also to the individual conditions for receiving this reward. The conditions under which the bonus funds can be converted into real money and withdraw from the account are called a wager.

In this case, do not forget that not all casinos offer the same conditions for wagering bonuses. There are several common options:

  • you can get an exclusive deposit bonuses, but you can play them only in specific games from a particular provider;
  • you may be credited with Free Spins in a certain game, and, in order to win back this bonus, you should play the slot specified in the conditions of its receipt.
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However, finding a casino with an affordable executable wager requirement is quite realistic.

A common mistake of many players is to consider only the final amount of the bonus, regardless of the conditions for receiving the bonus. The casino can offer you 1000 bonus dollars, however, for their withdrawal, you will need to deposit your account with a much larger amount. The most profitable deposit bonuses are those that are credited to several deposits (and not just the first one).

Now, many casinos, in the struggle for potential customers, add bonuses to the first three deposits, the amount of which is proportional to the number of funds contributed. The best possible condition is a one hundred percent bonus on the first deposit, and then a certain bonus reward for each subsequent one.

These conditions are offered by our online casino. We absolutely do not limit the players in the committed actions – they can make decisions about the amount of the deposit. The only existing limitation is the amount of the maximum bonus receipt.

What are the advantages of using exclusive deposit bonuses

Exclusive casino no deposit bonus codes 2019 allow to easily play slots without spending your money. That is the one and the biggest benefit of such promotion.

The amounts of no deposit bonus can be different and depend on the generosity of the casino. However, you get a free opportunity to win real money. And everything is available without making a deposit.

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