English Roulette by Play’n’Go

Roulette has thrilled fans of the games of chance for many centuries. It is a sophisticated game that rewards players who use clever strategies and take calculated risks. When it is played in a real casino, it always attracts a lot of gamblers, who gather around the table.

Due to its worldwide popularity, different types of roulette have emerged. Online casinos that have dominated the market over the past 15 years have also developed several variations of the game. Besides, the best software developers started to create their machines with it. For instance, Play’n’Go offered everybody an English Roulette slot for free. The slot has almost the same rules and features like European game type.

English Roulette basic features

There are two ways to bet here: inside and outside betting. Inside bets offer very high payouts, but also a relatively low chance of winning, while outside bets offer lower payouts, but have much higher chances of winning. English Roulette table layout does not differ much from the classic one. So that, picking this slot, one should remember the following things:

  • English Roulette slot RTP is 97.3%;
  • To play it, one should learn basic European Roulette rules;
  • Special bets must be remembered.

Basically, strategies that can be recommended for the players who choose this slot advise gamblers to stay outside bets and avoid inside bets despite the higher payouts.

Play’n’Go English Roulette peculiarities

English Roulette can be played for real money with casino bonuses or for free. The slot screen shows a table for making bets and the wheel with 37 (36+0) pockets. Making bets here is easy: it is enough to click a chip and drag it to the needed sector of the table. Play’n’Go here offers players more bets: their number can be increased when call bets are added. Beginners usually pick the simplest red/black stakes which are paid 1. There are also special bets here that offer the better payouts — here, the gamer can bet on the 1st, 2nd or the 3rd numbers’ set (36 of them are divided into 3 equal sets). If 1 number is chosen and the ball gets there and stops, the player wins 35:1. When a player picks this gaming machine, he can read all these rules there in detail (Rules section).

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Call bets

They are the “zest” of Play’n’Go slot. This feature creates the main difference between English Roulette and it European classic initial variant. The neighbor bet can be made by touching the number on the Racetrack. Gamblers can also remove their so-called call bets from this area. If Voisins du Zero bet is chosen, 9 chips are placed between Street, Corner and also several splits. Touching Tiers du Cylindre (means choosing this stake); six chips must be placed on 6 split (separate) bets. With the bet called Orphelins, 5 chips are used.

It might be difficult to remember the meaning of these call bets in English Roulette. In this case, one should play this slot frequently; for free, first of all. Then, the experience and the game understanding will come.

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