Successful keno strategy for your victory

Keno strategy arose almost simultaneously with the advent of the game itself. And over time, there are more and more of them, because each player wants to get the maximum win.

Many gamers claim that “KENO” is, first of all, a game of luck. Accordingly, it is very difficult to calculate the strategy of the game in which the player has complete freedom of choice in all categories. However, we will try to describe the most popular strategies and systems of the game in “KENO”.

Keno strategy for victory

To begin, let’s determine what requirements keno strategy should meet:

  1. Simplicity and convenience.
  2. Applicability for any slot.
  3. Efficiency and effectiveness.

Keno strategy for winning No. 1

According to the theory of randomness, you need to bet on numbers that have not yet appeared in the course of several previous rounds. There is a high probability that they should finally fall out. However, there is no absolute certainty about this.

Instead of betting on numbers that fell out a long time ago, some players, on the contrary, prefer those that fall out more often. Others argue that the lucky numbers are those that are nearby, i.e. if 50 falls, then 51 and so on should fall.

Best keno strategy No. 2

There is also an interesting technique called “betting on the outcome of a reverse event.” It is based on the assertion that you cannot enter the same river twice and the same event never happens several times in a row.

Proponents of this strategy are of the opinion that to win you need to analyze the statistics of all the draws. Based on the results of this analysis, bets are placed on those numbers that have not yet been drawn.

Keno strategy guide No. 3

A series of numbers is a less risky method than a Martingale strategy. This method does not promise to immediately return the lost money. But it is more flexible. Proponents of this method act in the following way: first they specifically determine how much they want to win, then with a time frame of how quickly they want to achieve this. With each win (not necessarily the desired amount), the number of wagered numbers is reduced by 2 numbers, with an unsuccessful game, another number is added.

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The essence of the catch-up strategy is that players always bet on the same numbers until they drop out. This system is particularly popular with players around the world in combination with the methods of D’Alembert and Martingale described above.

Strategy No. 4

This is the d’Alembert method. Its essence lies in a simple formula: every time after the game is wasted, you make 1 bet more. In other words, if you made one bet on 1 dollar and didn’t guess anything, the next time you should make two bets of 1 dollar, etc. Thus, any winnings following a loss must compensate for the entire loss once and in double size.

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