Types of Craps bonuses

Although Craps is not as popular as slots and even other live games, Craps bonuses with low Wagering percentage attract the attention of the most experienced gamblers to this old entertainment. Some gaming resources offer great awards. For instance, the maximum wagering Lapalingo Craps bonus is 10 thousand but the wager here is X375. Thus, you need to be a real professional or a lucky player to get this cashable gift.

The good tradition of offering no deposit bonus for a newbie lives in many casinos. It attracts beginners, giving them a chance to play even without any money. Nevertheless, the Wager, existing here makes them bet to cash out this gift.

How to get Craps bonuses

Rule #1 here is to be registered on the resource you are planning to gamble. The information you have provided must be verified. Nevertheless, if you pick any cryptocurrency casino and play for Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other crypto, you can stay anonymous. In several casinos, Craps bonuses for the proposed payment method can work for the players who play Craps. They can offer 10-20% of the amount of all deposits that the user makes using the recommended payment system.

As you know, when depositing funds through the majority of payment systems, a small commission of about 3% is charged. With the help of such bonuses, the institution not only encourages the client but also compensates for their expenses on account replenishment through unpopular systems with a high commission. The bonus amount is modest, but it is not very difficult to wager it. In some cases, it makes sense to pick the recommended method of payment and get it.

Types of Craps bonuses

The majority of casinos offer no deposit, welcome, and deposit bonuses. Here, these propositions do not differ from those, which the slots’ gamblers get. However, Craps bonuses odds rise when the other methods are chosen as well.

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Here are the well-known bonuses for those, who pick this game in a casino online:

  • Deposit;
  • For the second deposit;
  • Craps bonuses for the 3rd deposit;
  • No deposit;
  • For VIP clients;
  • For the offered payment method;
  • Bonus Craps;
  • Cashback;
  • Sticky;
  • For engaging the new gambler to the site, etc.

Bonus Craps

Bonus Craps is not even a kind of a casino bonus but a similar game. However, three wagers are offered, and they are called “All Tall”, “All Small” and “Make ’em All”. Here, every wager is independent and it does not affect the other ones and the game itself.

The side bet “All Small” here is the situation when 2-6 numbers (small) are rolled before “Seven”. You lose, when “Seven” is rolled.

“All Tall” bet needs the combination when 8-12 (tall) numbers are rolled before “Seven”. Bonus Craps wagers are available is the roll which was done previously was 7. The side Craps bonus bet is 30:1.

“Make ’em All” is the bet for the combination on all the numbers rolled before a “Seven” appears. Here, the dealer pays 150:1.

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