Best Blackjack Guide for Beginners

With its simple rules and fun gameplay, blackjack is one of the most popular games offered by online casinos. We created this ultimate blackjack guide to help you find a casino with a good selection of versions of the popular card game in its titles collection.

However, before sitting at the virtual blackjack table, knowledge of the basic rules of the game is required. Having this fundamental knowledge, you can apply some advanced game strategies – card counting, Martingale system and others – to increase your winning odds.

Quick Guide to Blackjack – How to Find Casino You Can Trust?

Here are some quick hits you should check before choosing a casino to play blackjack:

  • Identify its licensing and certification jurisdiction to be sure that the casino you have chosen is absolutely legal.
  • Learn about the software solution you are offered. Good blackjack casinos use software by major providers – Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Playtech.
  • Are Live Dealer options available. Reading any ultimate guide to blackjack, you will find that live dealer blackjack versions as ones of the most promising gaming options as they combine the advantages of online and offline games.
  • Available banking methods. A good blackjack casino should support payment tools that are familiar to you and comfortable to use.
  • Accountability. A casino that you can trust should post publicly payout data for its games.
  • RNG auditing. Since our blackjack guide focuses on blackjack slots, independent software quality checks are important, as the result of game rounds depends on whether RNG works correctly.

Many casinos allow you to play blackjack for free in a demo mode. Try different versions of blackjack before betting for real money.

Blackjack Guide – Best Blackjack Slot Versions

You can choose between the following blackjack versions:

  • Classical. This game plays from 1 to 8 decks. Almost every blackjack strategy guide includes useful tips for playing classic blackjack, as this version is the most popular.
  • Progressive. This one and the classic version of blackjack have much in common. Having an extra $ 1 bet to participate in the progressive jackpot is the only difference. We recommend reading blackjack guide card counting to be a better player.
  • European. With its 2 decks and 2 face up cards dealt, this version of blackjack is one of the most promising – you get the highest winning odds.
  • Spanish 21. This version of blackjack excluded 10 cards from the decks used in the game – this led to an increase in house-edge.
  • Super Fun 21. This version is designed to make you enjoy the gameplay and to win good money. Mainly following the rules of the Classic version of the game, Super Fun 21 has an important difference – the dealer’s natural blackjack will always be beaten by the player’s natural blackjack.
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If you want to have fun and make good profit, choose the blackjack versions with the best winning odds – we are here with our blackjack guide to help you with this.

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