Blackjack basic strategy ABCs

Blackjack is a world-known popular card game, where the chances of the player depend on their skill in surpassing the mathematical advantage of the casino. There are dozens of special graphs and tables that show how to deal with cards when one or another card combination is collected.

It is known as Blackjack basic strategy and it indicates an optimal choice of the player’s cards and the dealer’s top card. Nobody can guarantee that a gambler will win, but with the Blackjack strategy, very often, the chances of the casino drop to zero. The player must know what to do with each combination of cards dealt. Although a newbie might find that even the ABC of it is something too complicated, he should better learn it and try to master it after.

Blackjack basic strategy in simple words

There are a number of variants of this strategy, so it is better to focus only on the basic moments and the best potential advantages and minuses of using it.

The simplest rules here work as follows:

    1. Using Blackjack basic strategy hit when the hand of a gambler is 16 and lower and when the dealer’s top cardis 7 or higher;
    1. Stand when the player’s cards are 12 and higher and the dealer’s top card is 6 and lower;
    1. Always remember the cards and count them: a pro makes it automatically.

Pros and cons of using BJ basic strategy

The basic strategy Blackjack method should be used without taking into account the game process and its developing: it is the most important factor influencing the result of the game. One can lose quickly if he deviates from it. The player needs to know all of the graphs and tables to make the right decision about the best move. Note that there is a fundamental difference between 1 deck and 6-deck BJ: here, the Blackjack basic strategy and odds to win vary. Besides, it is good for playing, but it does not always guarantee a win. It simply lowers the casino edge. If it would be very easy to remember all these things — even considering the fact that it is not easy to make quick calculations — all casinos and gambling houses would go bankrupt.

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In brief, the basic BJ strategy works because each gambler plays against the dealer. The dealer must follow strict rules when to get a card and when to stop. Thus, an excellent player can always figure out what the dealer will do in a given situation.

Today, online free Blackjack simulators and casinos offering their visitors try the best BJ slots for fake money are the coolest “tools” to play and play this card game and finally, be able to use the required methods of card counting and “Hit and Stand” rules.

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