It’s time for fun with best online scratch cards

The modern market offers a wide assortment of best online scratch cards. Like all gambling entertainment, they have their own disadvantages and advantages. The goal of this game is to choose a ticket with a winning combination. Prize icons can be placed in a straight line in some applications and randomly in others. Therefore, to increase your odds of winning, read the rules of the game specific from the lot before starting.

How to play best online scratch cards

The Scratch Card game window can be divided into three main parts: the card itself, the results table and the control panel. To play best scratch cards, you need to know the following buttons:

  • – / + – set the card face value
  • New Cards – purchase a new card
  • Show Cards – erase coverage from all cells
  • Exit – exit the game
  • Help – open the help section

To erase the protective coating in the Scratch Card, you need to move the mouse cursor over it. Although you can open all the cells at once with the help of a special button.

Let’s see how play online scratch cards

After loading the scratch card, you place your bet. After you choose your bet, 2 often has the opportunity to play a game. Erase ticket cells. If you have a winning combination (often identical symbols or amounts), you win this prize.

Even simpler, with most scratch cards there is also a “scratched everything” function: at the touch of a button, all the squares are automatically erased and you immediately see your prize.
If you play a scratch card online, you can often see the “i” icon in the slot under which the rules are hidden.

Best online scratch cards

Modern casinos can offer various types of scratch cards online free. The main differences are in the design of best scratch cards:

  1. Football lovers will love the Football Mania slot.
  2. For lovers of Westerns created a slot “Gunslinger’s Gold”.
  3. Fans of astrology will enjoy the Zodiac slot.
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One of the most popular types of games of this type are Rocky scratch cards. On the map there are only three cells with portraits of the main competitors of Rocky. The goal of the player is to choose the winning one. When a player selects the sector of the short start video, this is a fight during the competition. If Rocky wins, then on the card you will receive a cash prize. The payout amount is determined randomly.

An important factor for some users may be the quality of the graphics, the presence of animation and soundin best online scratch cards. All this makes the game more fun. In addition, cards differ in the number of fields, type of characters, and so on.
We hope this material helps you win jackpot and bonus. Before playing on real money, try the demo version of the slot.

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