Baccarat strategy: How to use it to increase your wins?

Although the outcome of Baccarat round is a pure chance and even card counting won’t give you any significant advantages, there are methods that will increase your rewards by managing your bankroll, betting correctly and setting limits on losses. Let’s find out what game Baccarat strategy is the best for you.

What are the winning probabilities

The top things you should definitely care about when developing your Baccarat strategy are odds and house edge. The Odds for Banker and Player are 45.8% and 44.6%. For tie the ratio is 9.6%.

The house edge for each outcome is the following:

  • Banker – 1.06%;
  • Player – 1.24%;
  • Tie – 14.36%.

Don’t forget that banker wager has 5% commission, but it’s still the most lucrative option in the game.

Which Baccarat strategy to use for a single shoe and the whole game session?

Baccarat betting strategy will help you save your bankroll and get more money from each round. Here are a few efficient methods to use:

  1. Be stick to one side. This method presumes you choose to wager on Banker/Player and don’t change the decision till the end of the session. For this Baccarat strategy the bet on dealer (Banker) is definitely the best because of high wining odds. If your side starts to loose, you just wait for the return of positive trend and start betting again.
  2. Ride the wave. This strategy presumes you change sides when the trend alters, so you’ll always have profit. The most important thing here is to detect the right trend.
  3. Use patterns. A sheet of paper and pencil is crucial for this method, cause the idea is to detect a B/P win pattern and follow it. For example, it may be BBP BBP BBP or PBP PB PBP.
  4. Baccarat Attack strategy. The whole session is divided into 4 sections: Start, Trigger, Attack and Retrenchment. You make Starter bet just to enter the game. Then you increase to Trigger wager by doubling the amount. The next step is to attack, while gradually increasing/decreasing the bet according to the round flow. Retrenchment should start if you lose Trigger or Attack wasn’t successful. The idea is to increase your wager progressively using starter bet amount. On this stage the goal is to cover the loses and start winning again. Note that the whole strategy presumes you use “ride the wave” method (item 2).
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Tip: the second important thing in every Baccarat strategy is money management. Don’t wager more than your budget allows. Also, you’d better not make big bets just at the beginning of the game. Try to set stop-loss limits for yourself not to lose all the budget in case of the negative outcome of the whole session.

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