Baccarat Rules explained: cards, bets, wins and odds

Baccarat game rules are more than easy to learn. It’ll take from 5 to 10 minutes to understand everything you need for your first round. Still, it requires significantly more time and efforts to figure out how the best strategies work and how to use them. This guide is aimed to give you information on general Baccarat Rules, including bet variations, cards value, odds and tips how to play and win.

General Baccarat Rules for beginners

The first thing to know about rules of Baccarat is that it’s a card table game, which is played using 8 (sometimes 6) 52-card decks. There are always two sides: banker and player. It’s so with any number of gamblers that make bets.

Each party may get 2 or 3 cards. The winner is determined according to the total hand value. It’ll be the side with the closest to 9 total sum. According to Baccarat Rules, every gambler can have a sheet of paper and pencil to make a chart of B/P wins during the whole session.

Card value and bet types

Each card in the deck will bring you a certain number of points:

  • pictures have no value;
  • digits from 2 to 9 are counted as 2 – 9.
  • Ace will bring you 1 point according to Baccarat Rules.

If the total sum is bigger than 9 only the last digit will be counted. For example, if it’s 17, then your final score is 7.

Baccarat Rules presume you can bet on dealer (banker), player or tie. The first 2 outcomes are payed with 1 to 1 ratio, while the last will bring you prize x8 to the sum you are wagering. Banker bet wins are reduced by 5% commission. The wining odds for B/P/Tie are 45.8%/44.6%/9.6%.

Is it time to draw?

As it was mentioned, each party in the game will have at least 2 cards and the 3rd one is given under certain circumstances. For player it’s all more than easy. If your 2-card hand has value from 0 to 5, then you draw the 3rd card. Six and seven means you stand. Eight and nine means natural win (if the opponent has lower hand) and you also stand.

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As for banker, the things are a bit more complicated. Here’s what you need to know about banker’s card drawing:

  1. Hand – 3: stands when player’s 3rd card is 8 and draws when 0 – 7 and 9.
  2. Hand – 4: stands when player’s 3rd card is 0,1, 8, 9 and draws when 2 – 7.
  3. Hand – 5: stands when player’s 3rd card is 0 – 3 or 8 – 9 and draws when 4 – 7.
  4. Hand – 6: stands when player’s 3rd card is 0 – 5 or 8 – 9 and draws when 6 or 7.
  5. Hand – 7: stands.
  6. Hand – 8 or 9: stands (natural win).

There is a well-known game variation called mini Baccarat. It’s popular online, cause Mini Baccarat rules are just the same, but bet limits are lower and both hands are dealt by dealer, so the whole process is way faster.

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