Baccarat Guide: rules, wins and strategies

Baccarat is a popular casino game, which attracts lots of players all over the world. It’s more popular in offline casinos, but you can find lots of website to play online too. This Baccarat Guide is aimed to explain the main game features, including Baccarat rules, cards value, odds, wins and strategies.

Online Baccarat Guide: how to play?

The rules are really simple. It’s a card game where you can win by betting on player, banker or tie (equal results). If you’re lucky, you’ll get a win with 1 to 1 ratio for wagering on banker or player. Tie bet will reward you with 8 to 1 prize. Note that banker wager rewards have 5% commission.

The game setting is the following:

  1. You make your bet. Learn more about wagering further in this Baccarat Guide.
  2. Both player and banker get 2 cards.
  3. On this stage the side with natural result (8 or 9) can win.
  4. One more card is drawn by each party, if the rules allow it.
  5. The one with the closest to 9 hand sum wins.

All pictures are counted as zero. Numbers are evaluated according to their denomination. As for Ace, it’ll give you 1 point. In the number that exceeds 9 only the last digit is counted. Be aware that player and dealer are allowed to get the third card only if the game setting is appropriate (it depends on the total hand sum of each party).

What Baccarat strategy to use?

The first thing to mention here is the house edge of each bet. For banker it’s 1.06% and for player the house edge is 1.24%. The ratio for tie is 14.36%. As you can see, the first option is the most favorable and the first strategy on this Baccarat Guide is to be stick to it while you’re gambling. The second strategy says you should try to ride the wave, which means to bet on the side which is in winning trend. The third way to earn good money is to understand the pattern of B/P wins and use it to wager on the round winner.

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Tips for tournaments

Use the following Baccarat Guide tips to be successful in online Baccarat and offline tournaments:

  • the idea is to be better than others, but not to win all the money of the world;
  • use money management. It’s crucial to spent the bankroll wisely;
  • always do your best and try to win as much as possible in the final round;
  • don’t wager too much just from the beginning;
  • note how many chips your opponents have and bet accordingly. The final purpose is to have more chips at the end of the round.

Tip: you have a privilege over the ones who wager before you, cause you can adjust your bet so that you’ll have a better bankroll at the end of the round, no matter what the outcome is.

Where to play?

You can try the game in many online casinos free. Just make sure the site is legal and have all the appropriate licenses. As for real money gambling, it’s crucial to choose the website with good bonuses and other prizes.

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